"ready or not,

  here I came

  you cant'hide

  gonna find you

  and take it slowly"


Elena Arzuffi currently live in Milan. She studied Semiotics of Art and attended a Masters in Digital Video. Since early 2000s her artist work has explored the use of visual signs as a psychological language. From the beginnin she has represented individual's daily life through sketches, photos,and videos with the aim to tell about anything and speak to everyone. She conceives art as a way to introduce the real life to contemporary contradictions. Each collage is made by illustrations , used as usual fragments:the cut and paste work is an analytic research and an individual reflection on the image world. This exercise is never a repetition or plagio, but a travel in the history of art and in the antropological usage of the graphical language. (Martina Reggiani, Silvia Ollani, Metronom Book)


"Mental introjections towards emotional landscapes becames physical reflections, aim at restouring private dimension and refleced reality. Photography, drawing, video and sound installation cohabit in my research."Juxtaposing images of various nature allows me to develop a panoptic investigation that emerges in the perception of my projects."....(from terna prize 02)


"every moment happens only once.....we are always waiting for a rendez vous with new chance" (from femlink-art screening and exhibition 2011-2014))


"There is a realm common to the two sphere of the real and the imaginary, where the photography and drawing meet. While we relate only one of them to concrete reality and the other to the imagination, both are closely related to memory." 

"Every Images can be either memory or reality, memory or imagination, and playing on this terrain Arzuffi Elena succeeds in making the sense  of what we see oscillate, thus fusing everything into a subtle and poetic indefiniteness" (from "fotografia europea 09"  daniele deluigi)


project new


combat prize september october


note di sguardi cervia, berlino, bologna august


landina22 july


endless_residency video presentation via farini milano


deadpan : new human  gender vision


acquanauts : pandemic period images deseases explication


posterday 2020 : metronom gallery modena


confiniartproject 2020 2021 : care/of milano